Cape Cod Cuisine at The Barnstable Inn

Cape Cod’s scenic 6A is always worth a day trip.  Spend it driving from Boston, perusing antique shops, arriving in Wellfleet at nightfall just in time for a drive-in movie. A little way down the road from the well-hidden but singular antique stove store you may be tempted to drive by The Barnstable Inn.  I suggest you stop and enjoy the food.


What I must trumpet beyond all other delicacies are the crab cakes.  Enjoy the rich, varied, musky flavors of what could easily be described as the creme brulee of savory.  These exquisite crab cakes will astound as you enjoy the sunny outdoor patio or the stylish dining room.


The Barnstable Inn caters to all kinds: From tourists clammering for fried clams to refined New Englanders demanding the finest cut of steak.  Strong entries in the pizza and pasta category accompany the expected seafood fare.


A nuanced and subtle dish was the Lobster Crustini.  Served on what seemed to be toasted panini bread, the lobster concoction was creamy and sinfully delicious, while maintaining a mild mannered palette.  The lobster was decidedly fresh, and the complicated yet refreshing taste experience provided a great counterpoint to the crab cakes.


With well-made fried clams and above-average french fries, you can’t go wrong if you’re looking for a little extra breading on your meal.  The owners are clearly well experienced with this type of offering.  It must also be noted that the Fried Schrod Sandwich was impeccably cooked– perfectly flaky and white.


A strong alliance with Cape Cod Beer allows for quality locally brewed hops to accompany your flavor excursion.  With an airy atmosphere and pleasant waitstaff, The Barnstable Inn is a much needed stop on your tour of the Cape.  And if you happen by on a late Friday afternoon, your ears may even be treated to live musical performances to rival the music already enjoyed by your taste buds.


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