Discovering Provincetown’s Oceanside Food Court

In the very center of Provincetown is a food court.  One might expect food courts to only exist in malls, and while Provincetown is decidedly mall-like in many respects, this food court transcends the expectations of the common mall goer.  Top shelf sea food is sold alongside hand-churned ice cream.  Meals are enjoyed on a patio overlooking the ocean.


Mid-way down the hall of vittles resides BATATA, beckoning the hungry with a picture of a waving french fry. Specializing in elaborate Poutines, cheese and gravy lathered french-fries, BATATA boasts a chef-like collection of foods with chutzpah.  I dined on a short-rib beef slider, which, while decidedly well prepared, was dwarfed in quality by the unbelievable fries which accompanied it.  The fries were crisp yet juicy, their tactfully curated brittle surface giving way to a heaven of perfectly cooked potato.


What truly raised the slider and fries to an apogee of gastronimical bliss were the sauces which accompanied them. A wasabi mayo and a creamy horseradish dressing added both spice and force to the gourmet influenced vernacular dishes.


Crowning this delicious achievement was a dessert that, while heavy in nature, was light in flavor and presentation. Oreos with Haganflas, they called it.  Fried Oreos, the kind one might find at a state fair, but accompanied by special Dutch chocolate sprinkles.  These sprinkles, unlike those in America, were made from real, honest-to-goodness dark chocolate which melts in the mouth, making one imagine one snacks in the parlor of a true chocolatier.  The Oreos themselves were thick, chocolatey and delicious, encircled by the taste of butter, and an  ephemeral fried coating.  Crystalline flecks of sugar dotted each mound of the classic store-bought cookie.


Deeply satisfied, I gazed out at the ocean and made my way back through the food court to return the tray.  The owner reminded me of the unique oil the fries were cooked in, non-hydrogenated something-something.  Something that would make Vegans deeply enthused.  I pondered on how the health benefits had been soundly counterracted by the stack of fried cookies I had just finished consuming.


This food booth BATATA is strongly recommended.  They have a wide selection of top scrumptious sliders, including ones of pulled pork, and many dainty delicacies.  And if you’re going to partake in Poutine, you should have it with these otherworldly fries that balance culinary feats with downhome crunch.


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