ITKT’s Mission

What is In The Know Traveler, or ITKT

In The Know Traveler is an online travel magazine dedicated to international travel, if you are arriving to the United States or really great domestic travel if you already live here, and cultural exchange.

The In The Know Traveler Mission

Our mission is to encourage our readers and travel enthusiasts to go anywhere in the world to have memorable experiences in whatever they do. However, the secret mission — everyone lean in closer — is this: If we knew our neighbors a little better maybe we could disagree with them so easily. If you think people from Los Angeles are space cadets and flakes (where I am writing this message) please consider visiting. Sure some of us are flaky surfers, not that is a bad thing, but certainly not all. If you believe this but never left your hometown, the only way you will know for sure is by visiting yourself. This is true of everything. Liberals should visit Red states. I promise you will have an experience and broaden your mind. You might even make friends and discover we all have more in common than we don’t.

ITKT is Everywhere

We cover a lot of territory and now have six travel-related sites to serve all your favorite travel experiences.

International travel stories with In The Know Traveler. We have original travel stories to over 157 countries worldwide.

You are already in the right place for domestic travel in the U.S. with ITKT USA. We have stories for most of the 50 states and always looking for more stories.